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Genesis (II) 創世記(下)──從揀選到保守 (2011)

Recommendation by Old Testament Professor Dr. Jeffrey Lu: This book is the commentary on Genesis of Professor Chloe Sun’s second volume. Dr. Sun is rigorous in her academic research, handling scripture outlines, subtlety, and delicate writing. At the same time,… Continue Reading →

Bathsheba Transformed in Mirrored Reflections: Reframing Biblical Characters (2010)

This is my co-edited volume with several contributors from the Asian American Christian communities, published in 2010. The chapter “Bathsheba Transformed: From Silence to Voice” recounts my experience at home to my becoming a mother and how my story intersects… Continue Reading →

Genesis (I) 創世記(上)——從創造到揀選 (2008)

Editor of Ming Dao Press: “In Genesis (Part 1): From Creation to Closeness,” the author combines the literature of Genesis, ancient Near Eastern culture, and the application of Genesis to us today, to help readers have a new understanding and… Continue Reading →

The Ethics of Violence in the Story of Aqhat (2008)

This is originally my PhD dissertation. It was published in 2008 and then reprinted in 2013. In this study, I explored the points of view of divine characters and human characters in the story of Aqhat and I attempt to… Continue Reading →

Beginning with God: Genesis Daily Devotionals 始於神──創世記靈修日引 (2007)

Tiandao Publishing House: This book leads readers to think about the scriptures of Genesis for one year of spiritual practice. The purpose is to use the Hebrew words to bring out meditation and reflection, so as to help readers build… Continue Reading →

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