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Auckland, New Zealand Song of Songs Seminar (July 2019)

New York Ecclesiastes Seminar: Living in Tensions (June 2019)

Tyndale Toronto Wisdom Seminar (March 2019)

Conspicuous in His Absence: Studies on Song of Songs and Esther (2021)

This is my book on the study of divine absence in Song of Songs and Esther. click here to purchase

Attempt Great Things For God: Theological Education In Diaspora (2020)

This is a book about what God is doing in the diasporic seminaries with Logos Evangelical Seminary as a case study. It also redefines the scope and meaning of diversity and looks forward to the future of theological education (2020)…. Continue Reading →

Praise to God (I): Psalms 1-72 (2019)

This is a book on the Meditation and Reflections of the Hebrew text of Psalms 1-72, with my own translation in Chinese. It is the 4th in the devotional series that I created since 2007. click here to purchase

Love Already but Not Yet: A Commentary on the Song of Songs (2016)

This book was released in December 2016. In this book, I used a canonical approach to position the Song of Songs as a text connecting to the Eden narrative, Prophetic Literature, Wisdom books and messianic expectations. This approach is the… Continue Reading →

Devotions on the Hebrew Bible (2015)

I contributed two entries on this book: one on the word of שׁאל in 1 Samuel chapter 1 and the other on the word נתן in Jeremiah chapter 1. click here to purchase

Coming from God: Exodus Daily Devotionals (2014)

This is the third in the series, published in 2014. There are 365 daily devotionals based on the Hebrew text of the book of Exodus. For each entry, there is my translation of the verse from Hebrew, a brief Hebrew… Continue Reading →

Wisdom from God: Proverbs·Job·Ecclesiastes Daily Devotionals (2013)

Tiandao Publishing House: “Beginning with God” is written by Dr. Chloe Sun and is deeply loved by believers; this book is the second part of her series of books, combining the wisdom of Proverbs, Job and Ecclesiastes, leading believers to… Continue Reading →

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