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Conspicuous in His Absence—Studies in the Song of Songs and Esther

我一直以來對希伯來聖經的五聖卷情有獨鍾,早在2012年就與香港的出版社簽約寫雅歌和以斯帖記的註釋書。我是在2016年秋季安息年撰寫這本書的,當時剛寫完《雅歌:情牽永約》,想到自己在過往十年中的寫作都是中文,對英文世界似乎沒有學術貢獻,也因爲正道福音神學院處在北美,爲了要與西方更多交流,因此決定這次用英文來寫。感恩IVP Academic 接受這本書的寫作計劃,對一個華人學者及正道來説,這是對我們學術研究的肯定。  点击这里阅读更多

Theological Education in Diaspora

“Our era is one of rapid and widespread dispersion of people. Numerous people groups are migrating, relocating or being displaced from their countries of origin to other parts of the world. It is a time of globalization, of diaspora. But… Continue Reading →

Living with COVID as a Liminal Dean

“I am familiar with what liminality means, but I have never put the Israelite’s journey in the wilderness and liminality together until recently. Liminality was first used in the discipline of anthropology and then applied to ritual and other areas… Continue Reading →

Chloe T. Sun (Logos Seminary): 30 OT/HB Scholars to Read and Follow

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Chloe Sun: Listening to the voices of the silence — the politics beyond intercultural competence

“As part of the Theological Education Between the Times series, a seminary professor writes about the effects of endemic power structures on students who come from abroad to study in the West. Calls for intercultural competence have been common in… Continue Reading →

Integral and Indispensable: Evangelical Ethnic Minority Women in Biblical Studies

“Born in China, raised in Hong Kong, educated in the US, married to an Asian American. I am not an international student, and technically speaking, I am not an Asian American (if we define Asian American as someone with an… Continue Reading →

Elevating Women in IVP Academic (March 22, 2021)

Podcast: “When God Seems Absent: Divine Absence in Esther & Song of Songs – Dr. Chloe T. Sun” by Mike Delgado

How do you handle those spiritual seasons when God doesn’t feel present in your life? Listen to the podcast by Mike Delgado below or check out his website here for video clips and more!

Podcast: The Common Good “Conspicuous in His Absence: Studies in the Song of Songs and Esther” – March 2, 2021

Please listen to the podcast below from “The Common Good” for an in-depth look into my book “Conspicuous in His Absence”.

Toronto Sunday School Seminar (February 2021)

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