Recommendation by Old Testament Professor Dr. Jeffrey Lu: This book is the commentary on Genesis of Professor Chloe Sun’s second volume. Dr. Sun is rigorous in her academic research, handling scripture outlines, subtlety, and delicate writing. At the same time, it takes into account the application and experience of the congregation, which is very rare. Like the author’s previous style, the content of this book is profound and simple, but the notes and footnotes also reflect the proper dialogue between the author and contemporary scholars, which is quite balanced.

I very much agree with and like the part of “Reflection and Today’s Application” in the book. Through “reflection” and “application”, readers can talk to the scriptures and annotations, blending the essence of the scriptures and modern life applications into the horizon of dialogue between the reader and the author, crossing the so-called “ancient meaning” and “in biblical theology.”

The book also has a rare feature: Professor Sun attaches great importance to the discussion of “cross-cultural” and “identity formation”, which is also a feature I appreciate very much. The author’s personal experience of growing up in a cross-cultural life makes people feel more real and cordial when reading, and can also be more empathetic (second printing).



本書還具備一個少有的特色:謝教授很重視「跨文化」與「認同」的探討,這也是本人十分欣賞的特色。作者親身在跨文化中成長生活的經歷,讓人讀來倍感真實親切,也更能感同身受 (第二次印刷)。

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