Editor of Ming Dao Press: “In Genesis (Part 1): From Creation to Closeness,” the author combines the literature of Genesis, ancient Near Eastern culture, and the application of Genesis to us today, to help readers have a new understanding and application of Genesis, especially the God revealed in Genesis, and the relationship between God and his people. . The study of Bible books in the market can easily fall into extremes. That is, scholars emphasize academic research, and the results can only be used by a few scholars and theological students, but it does not have much influence and help on the life of the church and believers. The other extreme is to simplify the Bible and limit it to the plot of the story, ignoring its background and theological outlook. Both extremes lack practical value, and each passage of Scripture is not properly brought into the lives of believers and churches today.
The contribution of this book is to help readers get both the scriptures and the information; the trees and the forest; the knowledge and the feeding. Reading this one book is equivalent to reading ten books.

The first volume begins with God’s creation and ends with God’s election, including the fall and dispersion of man. The second volume continues with God’s election and ends with God’s protection, including the trials, transcendence, and struggle faced by his chosen people.

In general, the mode of studying Genesis in modern times has evolved from a single approach to two or three study methods at the same time. This book uses a dual approach to literature and themes to explain how God began by choosing Abram to realize His grand plan of blessing humankind. . The author takes “election” as the main axis, and uses the life themes of several protagonists in the book to run through the message of the book, bringing the Word of God into the lives of believers and the church today (second printing).



綜觀近代研讀創世記的模式,已經從單一進路發展到同時採用兩或三種研讀方法,本書就是以文學與主題雙進路,來闡述神如何從揀選亞伯蘭開始,實現祂賜福人類的大計。作者以「揀選」為主軸,透過書中幾位主角的人生主題來貫穿全書信息,把神的道帶進今天信徒和教會的生活中 (第二次印刷)。

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